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    Why Pay For Insurance You Don't Need
    ACA Compliant Health Plans

Why pay for insurance you don’t need? Traditional healthcare plans include maternity coverage, pediatric dental and vision, and more things you may not even need coverage for.

WE TRIM THE FAT and our plans are underwritten, so we can give a better rate and you get more benefit for your dollar. Let us customize your plan so you get a better selection of healthcare services and more insurance at an affordable rate.

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Affordable Rates

Our plans have been designed to meet the needs of our insured. By customizing these plans we have been able to offer much more insurance at an affordable rate.

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Quality Coverage

We work with the best hospitals and the best doctors in the country. Because we are truly a PPO we’ll are you a better selection of healthcare services.

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Taylored Health Insurance

Why pay premiums on healthcare services you don't need. For example if you don't need maternity coverage why should you have to pay for it.


We have you covered with what you need .

Office Visits

Co-Pays as low as $20.00
and Preventative Medical Care

Hospital Stay

Coverage for in patient, virtually all hospitals are in our national PPO network.

Dental and Vision

Stand alone plans are available.

Critical Illness

Designed to pay you during your illness. Can add up to $50,000 lump sum payout.


All prevented care benefits included such as annual physicals, mamograms and screenings.


Individual accident plans available to cover any accident or injury.


We have virtually every available health plan. Our Professional licensed agents will help guide you to find the best, most cost-effective health insurance plan available.

Types of Plans: ACA and Non ACA Plans, Health Sharing, Indemnity, Short Term Medical, Catastrophic, Supplemental Dental, Vision, Accident, Critical Illness, and GAP


Health Insurance

If you are healthy with little or no-major Preexisting conditions - we have great plans that provide excellent coverage nationwide for half the price of an ACA plan which covers all pre-existing conditions but are more expensive. Just need Catastrophic or accident, we have you covered.



Medicare has two basic options - Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplements. The best time to make the best decision is on your first open enrollment as you turn age 65. After that, your options may be limited.


OPEN / Special Enrollment Period

ACA plans like Blue Cross or UPMC can only be purchased in November and December with an effective date of January 1st. UNLESS you have a special enrollment when you lose coverage from an employer or move. YOU CAN AT ANY TIME CANCEL AN ACA PLAN AND SWITCH TO A MORE AFFORDABLE NON-ACA PLAN.


Critical Illness

Critical illness plans can pay a lump sum cash benefit upon diagnosis of a critical illness like heart attack, stroke or cancer. This lump sum can be used to cover deductibles, incidentals or things like your mortgage or car payments.



We have accident plans as low as 30.00 a month that will cover you for any accident or injury. They will cover you while on the job or off, and pays in addition to any other coverage you may have.


Dental / Vision

Dental and vision plans can be added to any health packages we have or can be purchased by themselves.

What do people say about us?

  • 5 star review  As anyone knows, trying to find the right health insurance can be a stressful adventure. Working with Todd Marley at Marley Financial was actually a pleasure. He explained many of the options and gave us what we think was a great health insurance package. He explained the details well and was easy to talk with, there and on the phone.

    thumb Ronald Werkmeister
  • 5 star review  Todd and Carrie have been amazing.. from the first phone call with Todd,, which was so informative, leaving me in a complete understanding as to what i was choosing to do. And that meant alot to me becaise insurance is like a foreign language to me. And from that day forward ,they have been heaven sent for me personally,, Carroe and i have had numerous interactions that have been nothing but helpful,, and i gained a great friendship ...she is such a good and genuine person.. Im very happy that I chose the Marley Financial Group, and i VERY HIGHLY recommend them to anybody

    thumb Donnie Hall
  • 5 star review  I first heard about Marley Financial Group when I was driving down the street and their big electronic sign caught my eye. They are great, very good at what they do and have a convenient location. It's nice to not have to drive into the city.

    thumb Jake Brooks
  • 5 star review  Marley was such a huge help to our family. He helped us while on vacation to ensure we would get the coverage we needed for our family before our deadline...which was 2 days! My 1yr old will now be covered for when she goes to get her cast removed. They are people who care and see you as people.

    thumb David Pienaar
  • 5 star review  The staff at Marley Financial hold a very strong mindset about being highly knowledgeable in the area as well as able to inform you about anything you need explaining.

    thumb Hannah Connor

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